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Labragirl's Executive Director Laurie Chin Sayres discussing film reading at a Labragirl filmmaking & film analysis camp

Labragirl’s Executive Director Laurie Chin Sayres discussing film reading at a Labragirl filmmaking & film analysis camp

Welcome to the launch of the Labragirl Film Project’s Moving Images-Moving Forward blog. 

The mission of our blog is to provide a valuable resource to middle school, high school, and college educators. In this space, we will create conversations about film analysis related resources, classroom activities, and pedagogy. We will also provide interactive discussions that you can use in your classrooms.

About the Labragirl Film Project

The Labragirl Film Project is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to encouraging the use of film to effect social change.

To bring life to our mission we:

  • Incorporate Labragirl’s innovative film analysis approach into K-16 classrooms and educational curricula
  • Bring innovative filmmaking & film analysis camps to middle school, high school, and college classrooms
  • Reach out to the community with coffee talks, film screenings, and curated film festivals to create a more film literate and engaged society
  • Provide micro-grants to young students & filmmakers working on projects that address Labragirl’s issues of interest


The driving force behind the Labragirl Film Project is our belief that moving images are powerful influences in our society. Because of this we believe it is critical that schools use film literacy, media literacy, and critical thinking curricula in their classrooms.

We believe that if students gain film analysis skills as well as the ability to participate in discussions about the cultural impact of visual images they will be more engaged in their education and daily lives.

Our hope is that the Labragirl Moving Images—Moving Forward blog will be a space for conversation about the power of images in our society as well as a way to provide teachers with valuable tools and resources that will help them to incorporate film analysis into their classrooms.

Labragirl Conversations

Each Monday morning at approximately 9AM (Mountain Time, Go Colorado!) we will post a new conversation. These posts will range from a classroom resource suggestion to a pedagogical discussion to conversations that can be used in your classrooms.

We are really looking forward to conversing with you and learning more about your educational goals and interests. So, please comment below or e-mail us with any questions you have, ideas you’d like to share, or issues you’d like us to address in one of our weekly blog discussions.

You can reach us at or talk with us on  .

Be A Part of the Conversation

We are excited to talk with you. Please let us know what interests you have or what questions you’d like to address in this space.

  • What interest do you have in incorporating film analysis into your classroom?
  • Are there any obstacles you have that make it difficult to incorporate film literacy into your classroom?
  • Do you have a question about a particular resource? Or, would you like to recommend a particular resource?
  • Are you looking for certain film analysis activities?
  • What questions do you have?

Let’s talk film images,



UP NEXT 1/21:

A resource recommendation to help develop film analysis in American History classes.




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