Film — The 21st Century Language

Welcome to the Labragirl Film Project’s weekly film literacy discussion. Every Monday morning Labragirl provides a resource, activity, or methodological discussion to help incorporate film analysis into your classroom. This week we explore a short film about the importance of film education. Please feel free to leave a comment.


Film Literacy is Essential for 21st Century Students

“The best kind of film education engages young people in active learning. It goes beyond just passively consuming or watching film”

Kenneth Branagh

Actor Kenneth Branagh advocates for film literacy education.   {Click on image for source information.}

21st Century Literacy is a a film education methodology designed to help students develop media literacy skills.  21st Century Literacy is backed by the British Film Institute,  Film Club, First Light and the UK Film Council. They also work closely with the National and Regional Screen Agencies and Skillset.

Check out this short film where actor Kenneth Branagh discusses the benefits of using film and moving images in the classroom.

We here at Labragirl certainly agree with the importance of film literacy.

Do you?

Do you use film in your classroom? What are some of your favorite film literacy exercises or conversations?

Would you like help using film in the classroom? If so, contact us!



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