The Power of Film

Welcome to the Labragirl Film Project’s weekly film literacy discussion. Every Monday morning Labragirl provides a resource, activity, or methodological discussion to help incorporate film analysis into your classroom.  This week we take a look at film director Beeban Kidron’s speech  “The Shared Wonder of Film” from TED Talks conference in London last year. Kidron talks about the power of film to create shared experiences. This is something Labragirl Film Project brings to K-16 history and social studies classrooms.


TED ( Technology, Entertainment, Design)  Talks  is a  global conference that encourages the exchanges of ideas. Last year at London TED Talks, director Beeban Kidron spoke about the “The Shared Wonder of Film.” Kidron is a co-founder of FILMCLUB, an organization dedicated to sharing a love of film with children.

Let’s watch and discuss.

Labragirl Film Project agrees with Beeban Kidron; movies do have the power to create a shared narrative experience and help shape world views for children (and adults!)

What do you think of Kidrons’ speech?

Do you agree?  

Share with your students and let us know about your conversations.

Let’s talk film!


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