Massachusetts is Leading the Media Literacy Charge

Welcome to the Labragirl Film Project’s weekly film literacy discussion. Every Monday we provide a resource, activity, or methodological conversation to help you bring film analysis into your classroom. This week we want to bring attention to a Massachusetts organization that is leading the charge to make media literacy a mandatory part of Massachusetts’ educational standards.

The Massachusetts Media Literacy Consortium (MMLC) is doing everything from creating educational curriculum to supporting legislation to help make media literacy a part of every Massachusetts student’s education.


Media Literacy Is Making a Move

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The MMLC is dedicated to bringing media literacy to the Massachusetts educational system.

It’s an exciting time for the media literacy movement as the Massachusetts legislature debates a bill that would:

. . .equip students with the knowledge and skills for accessing, analyzing, evaluating, creating and participating in the 21st century media culture, and to ensure students develop the independent thinking and critical analysis skills needed to navigate the messages of a media-saturated world, the department of elementary and secondary education shall authorize and assist in the implementation of programs on teaching media literacy. To read the full bill click here.

Thank you for all that you are doing to promote media literacy, MMLC.

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